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Who are we?

The Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) is a national campaigning group, led by people with dementia. We are the independent voice of people with dementia within Alzheimer Scotland, and we campaign to improve services and tackle attitudes.

We are funded by Alzheimer Scotland and the Scottish Government. The SDWG Committee meet regularly with Henry Simmons, Chief Executive of Alzheimer Scotland to keep up to date with what is happening in Alzheimer Scotland and to explore potential areas for joint work. The SDWG also meet with the Scottish Government’s Mental Health Minister twice a year to ask relevant questions and advance campaigning priorities.

We are a friendly group run by, and for, people with dementia or a related condition.  We have an elected committee and six dedicated members of staff who support the Group’s activities.

We welcome anyone living in Scotland who is diagnosed with dementia or a related condition. The only requirement for membership is that you would like to meet other people with dementia to discuss things that really matter to you.

Can I bring a supporter?

Yes. Some people come with a family member or paid carer. You could also bring an advocate or interpreter. If you need support but have no-one to ask, we may be able to help out. We can also cover some costs, dependent on the circumstance, and will be happy to discuss what is available in your local area if a national group isn’t the right fit for you.

Where do we meet?

Our meetings are held throughout the year in Glasgow and Dundee, and all members are welcome.

Our Committee meetings also take place in Dundee and Glasgow but are only open to Committee Members. Elections for Committee Members take place every November at our Annual General Meeting.

There are local groups  as well as the national SDWG. We can give you details and information for these groups if you contact us, or you can find out more by visiting our ‘Local Groups’ page.

You can also find details of upcoming meetings on our events page.

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