The SDWG Vision

We campaign for a world in which all people with dementia can have:

  • Clear pathways, starting at diagnosis.
  • Regular reviews as needs change.
  • Local support groups.
  • Good networks linking groups of people with dementia to each other.
  • Better services for people in outlying areas.
  • Full information available automatically after diagnosis.
  • Leisure opportunities available to all who want them.
  • Continuing contact, even if someone is not yet ready to get involved.
  • A role in service planning on terms we can understand.
  • Opportunities to influence design features in the places we use.

Aims and Objectives

Our Constitution commits the Working Group to:

  • Being the voice of and for people with dementia nationally and locally.
  • Influencing public policies that impact on the lives of people with dementia and their families.
  • Promoting improved provision of services in Scotland.
  • Developing information, education, awareness and training in the field of dementia.
  • Reducing the prejudice and stigma attached to dementia.

Enquiries are welcome from, or on behalf of, individuals from anywhere in Scotland who are interested in becoming involved; just get in touch with us.

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